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Welcome on webpage of kennel and obedience team Drakonit.
My name is Lucie Gabrielová and I live with border collie boys Merlin and Joy and papillon girl Sunny. I have in co-ownership border collie boy Drak and papillon boy Aslan. They are living with their loving families.
I am doing obedience with my dogs and also other dog sports. But mainly, they are my friend and family.
I am obedience international judge, steward, trainer and competitor. I competed on Obedience World Championship with Merlin (2010) and Joye (2013). I am training teams regularly in Brno, training on seminars and longer camps. I also take part on seminars with top trainers and competitors to educate myself properly.

border collie and papillon Drakonit border collie and papillon Drakonit
Border collies
I bought my first border collie by coincidence in 2005 and I immediatelly fall in love in them for their character. I love their ability to work and their will to please. To run outside for hours, but also sleep whole day in bed. They have great relationship to people, children and other dogs. If you want to know more about my own border collies, check their own pages ;)

Papillons are like small border collies. Active, selfconfident, unbelievable smart, social. If you know them, you have to love them and it is a life time love. I am showing papillons on dog shows, breed them and do sports with them. More information about my papillons and litter on their own pages.

border collie and papillon Drakonit border collie and papillon Drakonit
Sometime I have a papillon litter. Not so often, because my papillon are mainly my friends and companions. I like to search for papillon with nice pedigree that fit into my breeding plans. I am very interested in good health, character and also body structure.
I love to take care of puppies. They live in my flat, have a lot of toys for playing. We are going outside for small walks. They are used on different people, children, other dogs. I like early neurological stimulation to strenghten their tolerance to stress.
Puppies are trained to know their names, have basics of clicker training, tugging with a toy and recall. They are used on ballance toys and big dogs. Generally, I am doing my best for them to be best companions.

Stud dogs
My males are available for stud for healthy bitches. You can find informations about their progeny on their pages. All my dogs are healthy and proven in dog sports on top level.

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